Into the Abyss

You guys have shown us a lot of love and we want to give back. This is our humble attempt. Into the Abyss.

During our question and answer sessions on Instagram, there have been a few reoccurring questions and a few wild ones. We are going to use this platform to expound on those topics. We will discuss various military topics (training, selection, schools, daily life), historical events, and some personal writings we feel are relevant.

If there's a specific topic you would like to hear about, or a specific topic with a specific author, let us know. We want to make this interesting and let you hear from everyone within the industry. Or, at least as far as our small, but growing, reach can obtain. DM us on Instagram or shoot us an email and we'll see what we can do.


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  • Why did you go into special operations? Hearing the army SOF motto “De Oppresso Liber” has really impacted me because I’m reminded of the soldiers who liberated Dachau. I have a desire to be like those men, and free the oppressed, but I don’t know if I have the drive to do it.

    Do most guys you know only join for employment/thrill, or is there a sense of duty associated with being a SOF guy?

    Was there a specific moment you realized you had the drive to pass selection?

    • Scott
  • Recently found you guys through Forward Observations (FOG), and honestly I’m pretty new to this space and community.

    Im so glad it exists! I’ve always felt like there wasn’t that big of groups like this (mind you I’ve never really tried looking so im sure they’re out there)

    I see this as a perfect place to learn for the betterment of myself and those around me. I’ve NEVER looked to actively find better techniques until I found the Q&A insta stories. Now I try to save and savor as much as I can, and as much that is beneficial to me.

    I really love how these groups give to the cause, which seems to help keep our freedoms in some capacity. Or at the very least spread the word!

    Not sure where this will end up, but God bless people! 🙏🤙

    • Chang
  • Hey man, look FORWARD to it. 👍

    • FullDukeKodiak